Reformed Gang Member Turned Actor in Triple 9 and Danny Trejo Talk About Turning Life Around

Triple 9 actor Carlos Aviles & Danny Trejo  

TRIPLE 9 movie cast reformed gang members to play thugs from the MS 13 gang in the action thriller.  At the Hollywood TRIPLE 9 movie premiere, CineMovie caught up with actor Carlos Aviles who didn't have to research his role as a gangster since he lived it while actor Luis Da Silva Jr. researched his role by hanging out with former members, and he tells us discovered they are not simply villains, but a byproduct of society. Danny Trejo was a guest at the TRIPLE 9 premiere and who best to talk about turning your life around than Machete who did jail time before becoming a successful actor. Listen to what the actors have to say about getting out of the gangster life.

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