Interview: Ving Rhames on Finding Good Side of Villains

Ving Rhames Interview

Ving Rhames, star of DEATH RACE 2, plays one of the villains in the DEATH RACE (2008) prequel now on DVD and Blu-ray but he doesn't approach his character as a bad guy.

Known best for his role in Pulp Fiction and Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible franchise, Ving Rhames has had his share of good and bad guy roles but he tells CineMovie there is no difference between playing both a protagonist and antagonist.  "We all have good and evil within us and sometimes we use a little more evil, or a little more good," said the native New Yorker.  "I look at characters as human beings that need to be flushed out, " he explains as his approach to acting.

Ving Rhames, however, does see Hollywood and America as one-dimensional in terms of materialism. When discussing DEATH RACE 2 and whether he had interest in fast cars, the actor emphasized his interest lies not in material wealth like owning or racing cars but his mission to stop violence among African-Americans.  "Honestly, I'm more into trying to stop young black men from killing each other."  Growing up in New York in the "ghetto" as he calls it, he found that materialism drove the violence and crimes among the urban youth. He added, "I've tried to rid myself, as Buddism says, of wordly desires."

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The spiritual actor also added that Hollywood and America in general promote materialism and  have forgotten about nature.  "We've gotten away from the Earth and respect for it," according to Rhames who points out that poorer countries value nature more when they grow their own food versus buying it from a market.

The well-grounded Ving Rhames can be seen in his latest movie DEATH RACE 2, now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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