STEP UP ALL IN's Lombard Twins On Living The American Dream

STEP UP ALL IN reunites past Step Up stars for an all-out dance battle in Las Vegas. The film is also set in Los Angeles with the Lombard twins reprising their role from “Step Up 3D” as what they call the “crazy Argentinian guys.” The production took them to Vancouver for the majority of the film with a trip to Vegas for the dance off in the film. Martin and Facundo had a “great experience” shooting in Vancouver, but say it was too cold for their taste.

The Argentinian brothers started dancing at the age of 7 when they were inspired by Michael Jackson. Martin says it wasn’t so much Jackson’s dancing or unique moves that inspired them, but the “emotions of the music.” As a child they couldn’t pinpoint what it was about Michael Jackson, but as an adult he realized his lyrics moved them more with favorites such as “Man in the Mirror” and “Criminal”. Later in their career, they had a brief encounter with the King of Pop, and performed at Michael Jackson’s induction into the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, NY.

At 13, Martin and Facundo made their dancing debut on a popular Argentinian teen talent show. Raised by a single mother and struggling to survive, they wanted more in life and eventually landed a spot on James Brown’s tour as dancers when he played in Argentina. They traveled with him until the time of his death. At 21, the twins arrived in New York City as undocumented immigrants with only $400. They struggled but got by with work here and there including dancing with James Brown. Eventually they were forced to return to Argentina to await their Visas. During the waiting period, they continued to work on their own projects in Argentina until Antigravity, New York’s Aerial Dance Company sponsored their Visas.

Since arriving to America for a second chance, the two went on to model for Vogue Magazine and in campaigns for Versus/Versace photographed by top American fashion photographer Steven Meisel. They were also featured in Wyclef’s music video “Electric City” for The Electric Company on PBS and landed their first on-screen role as twins in STEP UP 3D (2010).

Martin and Facundo Lombard continue to dream big. Both are writing and directing their own films. Not many parts are written for twins they say, so the two are creating the projects themselves with films such as “Dreamers,” a musical that touches upon the politics of immigration according to one of the siblings.

If it’s one thing they’ve learned about their struggles, it’s not to forget their origins and keep trying.

“First of all to be cautious. That to dream comes with many other things. Many people dream but they forget about things… family and friends. Don’t forget where you came from. If it doesn’t go as expected, it wasn’t the right time.”

The brothers also want to motivate others by offering this advise. “It’s going to be hard, but “go for it, no matter what.” And as they expressed in the above quote, they are always optimistic about their successes and failures. Money and fame don’t motivate the Lombard siblings.  

“We’re here to just make our dreams come true. That our goal here is not about money or anything else. It’s about dreams.”

Catch the dancing twins on screen in STEP UP ALL IN when it opens August 8th.

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