16 Record Breaking Facts about Star Wars The Force Awakens

As of Jan. 5, the film had grossed $758.2M domestically and $799.1M for a global total of $1,557.3M since its Dec. 16 global debut. The film hasn’t even opened up in China so the J.J. Abrams-directed fantasy adventure may be breaking more records in the weeks to come.

Domestic Box Office Records

  • In 20 Days reached $758 million in the US  vs Avatar (2009) earned $760.5 million seven-month run.
  • Fastest film to reach $100M (21 hours), $200M (3 days), $300M (5 days), $400M (8 days), $500M (10 days), $600M (12 days), and $700M (16 days)
  • Biggest all-time debut and biggest December debut ($247.966M), propelling the industry to the biggest overall moviegoing weekend of all time ($313.3M for all films, Dec. 18-20)
  • Biggest second weekend of all time ($149.2M), propelling the industry to the biggest overall Christmas weekend of all time ($296.4M for all films, Dec. 25-27)
  • Biggest third weekend of all time ($90.2M)
  • Biggest Thursday preview gross ($57M)
  • Biggest Friday, opening, and single day ($119.1M)
  • Biggest Sunday ($60.55M), Monday ($40.1M), and Tuesday ($37.3M)
  • Biggest Christmas Day ($49.3M) and New Year’s Day ($34.39M)
  • Highest per-theater average for a wide debut ($59,982)
  • Biggest opening week ($390.85M)
  • Biggest IMAX debut ($30.1M)

Worldwide Box Office Records

  • Film posted the highest global opening weekend of all time ($528.967M).
  • It surpassed $1B in a record 12 days.
  • Biggest global IMAX debut ($48M) and surpassed $152M in IMAX in a record 19 days.
  • Highest international debut in December history with $281M, and it remains #1 in many territories after posting the biggest opening weekend in at least 18 major markets.



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