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'Gladiator II' Exclusive Extended Clip Details

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Gladiator II movie news

Paramount Pictures presented an extended clip featuring the leading characters during the studio's CinemaCon presentation. Director Ridley Scott sent a video message from London introducing the clip along with actors Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Paul Mescal, Joseph Quinn and Connie Nielsen. We outline what was screened exclusively for the annual convention of theater exhibitors.

The extended first look starts with an image of Russell Crowe's gladiator, as Lucius (Mescal) narrates the story of the slave who won over the hearts of the people. We are then introduced to Lucius played by Mescal who seems to have taken Maximus' place as a gladiator.  There is no explanation as to why he is not the inheritor of the empire, and living like the common man. 

Pedro Pascal is a decorated and celebrated soldier like Maximus when he served the Empire. Pascal’s soldier has a close relationship with Nielsen’s Lucilla who still holds court but to what extent is unclear.

Pascal serves two blood-thirsty Emperors, Emperor Caracalla (Quinn) and Emperor Geta (Fred Hechinger) who delight in bloody battles. The two are out of control, and Quinn eats up the screen for a worthy up to Joaquin Phoenix’s Academy Award-winning performance. Pascal's character seems to be a good guy who tells Lucilla he doesn't believe in what he's doing or what is asked of the soldiers.

The gladiator games are much more brutal with an opponent riding a rhinosaurus, savage monkeys are unleashed in the arena and Lucius takes on multiple opponents.

In one scene, Lucilla passes on Maximus’ ring to Lucius before a battle.

In a final scene, Pascal and Mescal face each other in the gladiator arena. 

After watching this exclusive look, GLADIATOR II may be on par with the original, with great performances. 


Denzel Washington is Lucius’ mentor  but in a later clip, he’s scheming to take down the Roman Empire.


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