Movie Review: Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth in 'Land of Bad'

Land of Bad movie review 2024

Russell Crowe, Liam Hemsworth, Milo, Ventimiglia, Luke, Hemsworth and American Gods Ricky Whittle star in the intense action-thriller, LAND OF BAD. The film is heavy on star power and firepower.

Air Force drone pilot Reaper (Crowe) provides air support to a four-man special ops team in the South Philippines on a mission to rescue a CIA asset from terrorists.

Air Force officer and drone specialist Kinney (Liam Hemsworth) is sent on his first field operation. The novice foot soldier has only known warfare behind the safety of a video screen. Top-level extractors Captain Sugar (Ventimiglia), Sergeant Abel (Luke Hemsworth) and Sergeant Bishop (Ricky Whittle) instruct Kinney in a crash course on ground warfare.

'Ricky Whittle Reveals 'Land of Bad' Costar Milo Ventimiglia Saved His Life in Australia

BEHIND ENEMY LINES (2001) starring Owen Wilson, comes to mind when watching LAND OF BAD but with modern warfare that includes drones. Directed by cinematographer turned director William Eubank (UNDERWATER, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: NEXT OF KIN) delivers an intense action-thriller with plenty of explosions, fight scenes, and shirtless hunks. The special effects and gun fights are top-notch for a low-budget feature film.

The characters are likable from the start due to the humor between the characters rather than personifying them as mere grunts. You don't get much backstory for the foot soldiers while Reaper is explored more in depth.

Crowe is endearing as a quirky but grumpy character with a soft side. Liam Hemsworth proves himself an action hero as does Ventimiglia who plays it as a mild-mannered and focused soldier.

The villains are faceless terrorists which is somewhat refreshing until the last act when we meet the ruthless leader of the terrorist cell. It's then when the villains become a caricature.

The setting is a beautiful lush forest in Queensland, Australia standing in for a Philippines island. The beauty of the island is a stark contrast to the violence that ensues.

LAND OF BAD is a thrilling, heart-pumping action thriller worth watching on the big screen. It's now playing in movie theaters.

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