'Ordinary Angels' Movie Review: Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson Inspire in True Story

Alan Ritchson and Hilary Swank in Ordinary Angels movie

Hilary Swank and Reacher’s Alan Ritchson star in the inspiring and remarkable true story, ORDINARY ANGELS. The two leads turn in compelling performances especially Ritchson who proves he can play beyond the tough guy persona, but it's Swank who elevates the film from an ordinary faith-based movie.

ORDINARY ANGELS is based on a true story of a woman struggling with alcoholism looking for purpose in her life. Upon reading of a young girl awaiting a liver transplant after losing her mother, Sharon takes up the cause to help Michelle even if her father Ed (Ritchson) isn’t looking for charity. Ed is buried in medical bill debt but the proud father is reluctant.

The events in this story are extraordinary. This struggling hairdresser saved Michelle's life and her widowed father. Sharon’s persistence helped Ed’s medical debt be forgiven and moved mountains to save Michelle once a liver became available.

It’s no surprise the two-time Academy Award winner is wonderful as Sharon. Swank humanizes this overbearing but well-meaning stranger who has inserted herself into a family situation.

The Sharon character is well-rounded. While Sharon has her demons, she’s portrayed as a fierce and loyal person. She shifts her addiction from alcohol to an obsession with saving this family. You can be a mess and still make a difference. This flawed character is one of the most honest portrayals in recent films.

Ritchson is a gentle giant as the grieving father of two young girls. The Reacher and Titans actor shows off his acting range in this performance.

Alan Ritchson and Hilary Swank in Ordinary Angels movie

Together Swank and Ritchson are the yin and yang of the story. The opposites have great chemistry. 

ORDINARY ANGELS come from the faith-based production company, Kingdom Story, the creators behind JESUS REVOLUTION and I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. ORDINARY ANGELS isn't preachy or does it rely on miracle rather it’s a lesson in humanity.

The way the story plays out seems like a piece of fiction, but producer Kevin Downes told CineMovie that the events of the film are accurate. That makes the happy ending all the more satisfying and inspirational.

ORDINARY ANGELS is now playing in movie theaters.

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