Movie Review: MAN ON THE LEDGE Should Take A Leap

Man on-the Ledge starring Sam Worthington

MAN ON THE LEDGE made me want to jump off of a ledge.   I much prefer watching Sam Worthington play a giant, blue, cat-lizard than the underdeveloped ex-cop in this flick.

Nick Cassidy (Worthington) makes a desperate move to reclaim his innocence after being framed for the theft of a valuable diamond. He escapes from jail to find himself on the 25th story ledge of a skyscraper, in attempt to carry out a risky plan to get revenge on David Englander (Ed Harris), who used him as a pawn in a 40 million dollar insurance scheme.

In this unfortunate, B-rated movie, CGI wasn’t around to mask Worthington’s lackluster performance.   We were stuck with him on a ledge for two hours. Let me tell you, it was no Pandora. Throughout our “adventure” on this ledge, Police negotiator Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) would occasionally pop her head out of the window, trying to use her female prowess in attempt to lure Worthington back into the hotel. Elizabeth Banks could not have been more poorly cast.  A tough, NYPD cop is obviously not the right fit for her. Her playing the sex crazed lunatic in The 40 Year Old Virgin is clearly a more monumental and fitting role. Banks, I say stick with Judd Apatow.

As for the screenplay, it was missing those key elements that make you lean on the edge of your seat. Instead, I was leaning back trying to close my eyes. The story went nowhere interesting and it lacked the excitement and psychological depth that a similarly premised film like, Phonebooth, brought to the big screen.  Overall, the best part of the film was probably the part where credits rolled.

I’m going to go home now to watch Worthington play that disabled guy who makes crazy tree love so I can wash away the taste of this poorly executed film.

MAN ON THE LEDGE is now playing in movie theaters.

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