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5 Reasons We Loved 'The Infiltrator'

John Leguizamo and Bryan Cranston in THE INFILTRATOR 

THE INFILTRATOR is another entry into the crime drama genre in which a government agent infiltrates the underworld, but THE INFILTRATOR is a fresh take on the subject and that may be due to a woman’s touch. Here are five reasons why THE INFILTRATOR is a must-see.

THE INFILTRATOR is based on the true story of U.S. Customs agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) who brought down Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s top lieutenant (Benjamin Bratt) and the international bankers who laundered his money.

1.  A Woman’s Touch 

There’s a reason why THE INFILTRATOR has a fresh approach to a familiar topic. Ellen Sue Brown, who happens to be director Brad Furman’s mother, adapted the script from Robert Mazur’s book. Unlike other films (THE DEPARTED, DONNIE BRASCO and BLACK MASS) in the same genre in which the undercover character is sucked into the lifestyle and camaraderie, Cranston’s Mazure doesn’t lose sight of his job despite feeling some sort of guilt for his targets. There’s a complexity to the story and the character that makes it a stand out, and the level of danger never wanes with threats of being discovered at every corner.

There's was an assumption on my part that the screenwriter was male. It wasn't until the press day that I realized the writer was a woman. It all made sense why the film worked because it wasn't from a male perspective. 


2. Bryan Cranston’s Superb Performance

There’s no surprise Bryan Cranston is outstanding in THE INFILTRATOR. He plays multiple roles as the family figure, agent and the undercover money launderer with such emotional range that you can’t picture another actor in the role.

Bryan Cranston and Diane Kruger


3. Juicy Role for John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo has been around for years, yet Hollywood hasn’t given him a chance to shine. He often stars in minor roles as supporting characters such as in JOHN WICK or RIDE ALONG.

In THE INFILTRATOR, Leguizamo finally has a role he can sink his teeth into as a U.S. Custom Agent alongside Bryan Cranston as they attempt to infiltrate Escobar’s drug ring. He shows off his acting chops, and holds his own against a powerhouse actor like Cranston.

John Leguizamo and Bryan Cranston

4. Edge of Your Seat

At every step of the way, there is a sense of danger for Cranston and Leguizamo’s characters that keeps the drama moving along steadily.

5. Avoids Cliches

The crime drama has been done to death in Hollywood, and THE INFILTRATOR doesn’t play into the clichés of the drama. Instead you’re surprised at every turn by the originality of the script.



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