Joss Whedon Interview: How NOT To Make A Comic Book Adaptation


Joss Whedon will be the go-to-guy for comic book movie adaptations once MARVEL'S AVENGERS opens to blockbuster numbers and fans hail him as the savior of comic book movies.  Joss Whedon recently called out Watchmen (2009) and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (2003) as past films that failed to bring the multiple superhero story successfully to the big screen. The AVENGERS' director clues us in to his secret to adapting a beloved comic into a film that has generated overwhelming positive buzz online two weeks out from opening day.

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Robert Rodriguez's Word of Wisdom For New Filmmakers

Robert Rodriguez interview at NALIP

Who best to give advice on breaking into Hollywood than Robert Rodriguez who got his start selling his body to research to fund his film El Mariachi. The Sin City, Machete, and Once Upon A Time in Mexico director spoke as the keynote speaker at a recent event for Latino filmmakers and actors, and offered some words of wisdom. 

The National Association of Latino Producers Association held their annual networking event at Universal City's Sheraton Hotel (L.A.) last weekend and invited industry leaders to speak to thousands of aspiring directors, writers, and actors. While technology has made it easier for filmmakers like Rodriguez to create shorts and film, Rodriguez reinforces the idea that "content is king", he told CineMovie's David Gonzales.   He later added that while there are a lack of Latinos in the media, the main goal of a filmmaker is to focus on what's important to them.  The Texas-native also gave some sound advise to attendess by noting that there are no failures in this business.  He suggested you learn from the mistakes of others and yourself to improve your future work.

Robert Rodriguez is currently working on a sequel to Machete starring Danny Trejo.

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AUDIO: Zac Efron Not The Mushy Type?

Zac Efron THE LUCKY ONE Interview
Starring in a Nicholas Sparks movie immediately transcends any leading men into heartthrob status but THE LUCKY ONE star Zac Efron doesn't need any help in that department. Zac Efron, however, did have to overcome his cynism when it came to delivering some overly romantic dialogue that men wouldn't be caught dead least in public. Add a comment

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INTERVIEW: Maggie Grace Done With Helpless Female Roles

Lockout starring Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace may need some rescuing from a space prison by Guy Pearce LOCKOUT, but her character can handle her own in the Luc Besson-produced film.  After starring in Besson's Taken (Liam Neeson) as a helpless teen, the LOCKOUT star feels "empowered" to be playing a role where she  gets in on the action.

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CineMovie sat down with the cast and filmmakers of Marvel's THE AVENGERS Thursday when they assembled for a press conference to talk about the highly-anticipated union of Marvel's superheroes. CineMovie tweeted live with photos from the star-studded event starting at 2 pm PST.

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Interview: Peter Farrelly Talks THE THREE STOOGES & Jersey Shore

Peter Farrelly, the Stooges, and Bobby Farrelly on set

Writer/directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly achieve a life long dream of bringing their favorite childhood show "The Three Stooges" to the big screen this weekend and CineMovie  caught up with half of the funny duo Peter Farrelly to talk about the hardship of adapting such a revered show and characters into a modern comedy.

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Kermit Advocates Green-ray Over Blu-ray


CineMovie sat down with the famous frog from THE MUPPETS to talk about the new release of his new movie on DVD and Blu-ray, and tells us why Green-ray is a much better option than Blu-ray.

Naibe Reynoso sat down with Kermit the Frog at the Disney Studios in Burbank, Ca where the little guy talked up a storm about his life after THE MUPPETS' big success at the box office and their win for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards earlier this year.  First off, Naibe asked the hard hitting question that no one dare ask until now - why does Kermit not wear clothes during his appearances and is he comfortable in his skin?  THE MUPPETS star answered with a resounding "yes," he is comfortable but he understands why the interviewees chose not to show up naked.

Miss Piggy's long-time love also mentioned the cool features on both the DVD and Blu-ray that he assured would keep the family busy and entertained. Kermit admitted he was a little green (pun intended) when it came to knowing the difference between DVD and Blu-ray, but he does know it involves a laser.  His only complaint was that in the case of THE MUPPETS, a Green-ray would've been more suitable. 

THE MUPPETS Spoof The Hunger Games

So what is next for Kermit?  After touring the world in such places as Mexico and Argentina, Kermit is read to settle down in the swamp and get out of Hollywood to de-stress, but unfortunately that didn't involve Miss Piggy.  When asked if he and his MUPPETS co-star were ready to have children, he didn't know if legally an amphibian and mammal were allowed to procreate, but being the good reporter that Naibe is she gave him the option of adopting.  Of course, Kermit said he'd have to consult the experts on the subject - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

THE MUPPETS is now on DVD, Blu-ray, and the special MUPPETS WOCKA WOCKA Value Pack edition.


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WRATH OF THE TITANS Interview: Filmmakers and Actors Collaborate to Make the Sequel Worth Your Money


When Clash of the Titans opened in theaters April 2010, though it did well at the box office, moviegoers and critics were showing their wrath. The general critique was terrible 3D with 2D characters.  Returning cast members Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson signed on for the sequel with apprehension, but WRATH OF THE TITANS director Jonathan Liebesman assured them they would have input into the 3D and story for part two. Add a comment

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INTERVIEW: Guy Pearce on Prometheus: 'It's Not An Alien Prequel'

Guy Pearce in Prometheus TED Talk

Guy Pearce goes to space not once but twice in 2012 with Prometheus and Luc Besson's Lockout.  During the press day for Lockout, the Aussie actor revealed Ridley Scott's high anticipated return to the Alien franchise is not an Alien prequel, and calls the movie a "big beast" because of the secretive nature surrounding it.

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