Who Will Diego Luna and Michael Peña Play In Narcos Season 4? We've Got Theories

Last week, Netflix released an announcent video revealing the new stars of "Narcos" season 4 over the show's title song with a mariachi band. Of course when you think of Mexico, a mariachi comes to mind.

Since "Narcos" has focused on the real-life Colombian drug cartel members, the new season will continue with that tradition. Now that showrunner Eric Newman has revealed "Narcos" season 4 will go back in time to the 80's, here's who Diego and Michael may be playing from that era.

"The Guadalajara cartel was a force in the 1980s, concurrent with the Colombian cartels," Newman told The Hollywood Reporter. So we will ostensibly be going back in time a little bit. The Mexican cartels started with marijuana and heroin and then got into cocaine, which they acquired from the Colombians."

In the 80s, the Guadalajara cartel was led by "El Padrino" - Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo. In 1985, the cartel made headlines all over the world when undercover DEA informant Enrique S. "Kiki" Camarena Salazar was tortured and murdered along with his Mexican partner Alfredo Zavala. The former U.S. Marine and cop was killed in retaliation for information that led to the destruction of the drug cartel's marijuana farms and supply.

Being that Michael Peña is Mexican-American like DEA agent Salazar, we can assume he'll play that role while Diego could play either the drug kingpin or Salazar's Mexican partner. It would be a juicier role for Diego to play "El Padrino," however, he's played his share of drug lord in movies like CONTRABAND with Mark Wahlberg and in Mel Gibson's BLOOD FATHER. The ROGUE ONE star may shy away from playing yet another kingpin, but given the quality of the series and writing - it may be a greater acting challenge.

The killing led to a manhunt that saw the downfall of the drug kingpin and his organization. The event was mentioned in the first season of "Narcos" when the cartel discussed killing DEA agents Peña (Pascal) and Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), but decided against it for fear of retaliation by the United States.

NARCOS Season 4 won't be on air until the later part of 2018.


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