The Most Wanted Man Is On The Run In 'Narcos' Season 2 Trailer and Poster

 Narcos Season 2 poster image

Everyone knows Pablo Escobar's fate, but Netflix's "Narcos" season 2 poses the question, who killed the Medellin drug lord? In the latest trailer for the hit Netflix show, various groups are after the kingpin who is now on the loose. Check out the very cool "Narcos" one-sheet which is a portrait of the most wanted man made out bullet casings. 

Not only is the DEA after him, but the Colombian Search Bloc, the Cali Cartel and a new threat. Los Pepes. So the question remains, #WhoKilledPablo?

I may have to take the day off on September 2nd to binge watch the whole second season if it's as good as the first season which I finished in two days. 


narcos season2 poster

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