INTERVIEW: Zack Snyder's Realistic Approach to Superman

In Zack Snyder's re-envisioning of the man of steel franchise with actor Henry Cavill, the  300 and Watchmen director plans on creating a more realistic look. Zack commented on the Christopher Nolan-produced Superman movie while promoting his latest film, Sucker Punch which showcases his signature style with unique color schemes and slowed down fight sequences.

While the director did say it was too early in the process, he did make it clear to Warner  Bros. studio that Superman will be his most realistic film to date.

"What's cool for me and interesting and odd is that Superman's going to be the most realistic movie I've ever made. It's kind of fun that the most realistic movie that I will  probably make is a movie called Superman," joked the director. Which is kind of fun and shows how crazy my other  movies are.  But yeah! He gets more credible by the reality that you bring to him --  emotionally and visually I think."

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Zack Snyder is known for putting his actors through grueling training before production. For the  new Superman-- Henry Cavill -- it will be no different. "Henry's going to be hitting the iron  pretty hard," joked Snyder.  According to Deborah Snyder, Zack's wife and producer on all his films, Henry has already started training with 300's trainer Mark Twight and stunt coordinator Damon Caro.

"The moment we hired Henry, he met with Mark and he met with Damon Caro who does all the  fight training.  And they've put him on a plan," explained Deborah.  And he's started in England and as of April  1st we have him full-time with us.  All that training you really need it."

The new information from Zack and Deborah Snyder certainly increases the anticipation for the new Superman.  It almost seems like torture having to wait until December of 2012 to see what Zack Snyder will bring to the table for the new Superman.

Zack Snyder's latest project Sucker Punch is in movie theaters March 25.

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