Sigourney Weaver & Alfred Molina On Technology and Acting

Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver interview

Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina take on the action genre once again with ABDUCTION starring Taylor Lautner. The two actors broke into Hollywood more than thirty years ago on two of the most iconic action films in movie history (Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark). When it comes to shooting an action film today, the two actors disagree on whether the new technology has changed the craft of acting. Add a comment

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INTERVIEW: Glee's Dianna Agron Takes To The Big Screen

Glee star Dianna Agron stars in I AM NUMBER FOUR

Being on a hit television series certainly opened doors for Glee's Dianna Agron who stars in I AM NUMBER FOUR but she still finds herself fighting for roles.

Dianna Agron hits the big screen in her first-starring role as Sarah in the suspense thriller I AM NUMBER FOUR with Alex Pettyfer this February. She plays the love interest to John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) aka Number Four, an extraordinary man with special abilities on the run from his ruthless enemies.  

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INTERVIEW: Justin Bieber Crashes Johnny Depp Press Conference

Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber knows how to make an entrance when he crashed Johnny Depp's interview during a press conference for his film RANGO. 

Johnny Depp, his RANGO co-stars Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, and director Gore Verbinski were promoting their new animated film RANGO at the Four Season's in Beverly Hills Saturday when the teen pop sensation made a surprise appearance to greet one of his favorite movie stars.  Not only was the talent surprised by singer but the room full of press enjoyed the love fest between two of pop culture's beloved stars.

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Interview: Jencarlos Canela Gives Latin Spin To HOP

JenCarlos in Miami for HOP Press Day

Recording artist and Spanish soap opera star Jencarlos Canela (Doña Barbara,  Pecados Ajenos, Mas Sabe El Diablo) brings some Latino flavor to the new live-animated film HOP starring James Marsden and featuring the voice of Russell Brand as the Easter Bunny.

The Cuban-American singer takes HOP’s title song ‘I Want Candy,” originally recorded by the Strangeloves in 1965 and popularized by Bow Wow Wow’s cover version in 1982, and put his own spin for the Spanish version of the film for the Caribbean.  

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