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Halloween Horror Nights 2014 Lets Fans Choose Their Scare

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This year, Universal Studios Hollywood will let fans have a say in choosing the theme for the Halloween Horror Nights new Scare Zone. "Choose Your Scare" online competition begins June 4th and fans can choose one theme out of three options. Put in your vote.

"Halloween Horror Nights" fans can cast their vote on the Halloween Horror Night’s Official Facebook Page to select one of three possible Scare Zone themes: Coprz, Mask-a-Raid or Ghoulz. The winning Scare Zone will be located on French Street. Voting opens June 4 and ends June 18 with the winning Scare Zone announced the next day on June 19. Fan can share their vote with friends and recruite them for voting using #UniversalHHN on their social media accounts. 

The winning Scare Zone concept will materialize in disturbingly real detail at Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights” in Fall 2014. John Murdy, Creative Director, Universal Studios Hollywood and Executive Producer of “Halloween Horror Nights promises to scare the pants off of you. “Our goal is to produce the most terrifying, most intense horror experience anywhere. The more scared the fans are, the louder they scream and the happier they are, so, to have them join us in this process is very rewarding.”

Below are the options fans can choose from. What scare zone are you picking? Put in your vote at

Scare Zone, Option 1: Corps
“The War to End All Wars” has left a swathe of destruction through battle-torn France, and on French Street at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, World War I-era soldiers have returned from the dead. The constant artillery bombardment has turned the twisted network of trenches into a sprawling graveyard, and now “The Lost Generation” is rising from their muddy graves and coming home to haunt the streets of “old Paris.”
Scare Zone, Option 2: Mask-a-Raid
Masquerade Balls were a staple of the social calendar in pre-Revolutionary War France; a time for the members of the French aristocracy to misbehave behind the cover of elaborate, jeweled masks. But “mask-a-raiding” among the powdered and perfumed party-goers are members of a blood thirsty cannibal cult. Bon appétit!

Scare Zone, Option 3: Ghoulz
In 19th century France, restrictive laws and social norms prevented medical colleges from acquiring the one asset they need most – human cadavers. To solve this “body shortage crisis,” universities employed “unsavory characters” to do their dirty work and steal corpses from cemeteries in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, the grave robbers on Universal Studios Hollywood’s French Street have developed a morbid fascination with the dead – and a taste for human flesh.

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