INTERVIEW: Taylor Lautner Glad To Finally Get The Girl

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins in Abduction movie

As the leading man in ABDUCTION, Taylor Lautner no longer has to play second fiddle for a girl's affections. In his first action-thriller, Twilight's Taylor grows up into an action hero who saves his leading lady and makes out with her too. And the nineteen-year-old enjoyed every minute of it.

Listen to interview below.

Team Jacob will finally get their chance to see their Twilight hunk graduate into an action hero in John Singleton's ABDUCTION. In the action-thriller, Taylor assumes a Jason Bourne-type role as a teen thrust into a world of espionage after he finds himself in the middle of a covert operation along with his neighbor played by Lily Collins.

Taylor told CineMovie at a recent sit down with the Twilight and ABDUCTION star, it felt good to finally get the girl in a movie after ending up with "the kid" in the vampire franchise that launched him into a hearthrob. "It's a great feeling actually, to end up with the girl," he proclaimed.

The make-out session wasn't too shabby either for Taylor who said "thankfully it was all good" with his ABDUCTION leading lady Lily Collins during the steamy scene on a train. Taylor admitted he and Lily "went for it" during their kissing scene although those type of scenes are always "awkward." Taylor praised his on-screen love interest (and rumored off-screen girlfriend) as "talented" who "shined" on screen and on set. He can't wait for audiences to see her in ABDUCTION.

Taylor called his transition from Twilight to ABDUCTION "easy" with an actress like Lily, but his background as a child  martial arts black belt helped ease him into the action genre. He requested and insisted on doing most of the stunts including riding on the hood of a truck and sliding down a glass ramp at Pittsburgh Pirate's PNC Park stadium. There was only one point in the John Singleton film when he questioned his willingess for hurt.  After fifteen takes, a few cuts and bruises sliding down the glass ramp, he called in for the stunt double. He said it was "a bit much."

ABDUCTION is in movie theatres September 23, 2011.

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