'The Walking Dead's' Lauren Cohan Gives Valentine's Day Advice for Watching Mid-season Premiere

Lauren Cohan in THE WALKING DEAD new mid-season

"Don't eat too much" says "The Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan when the show returns in it's mid-season premiere on Valentine's Day this Sunday. If your plans include a Valentine's Day dinner with your loved one, Cohan who plays Maggie, suggests eating lightly which indicates the new episode may be gruesome and it may require a barf bag if you overeat. Watch what other scoop she's giving us about the new shows.

"The Walking Dead" actress also tells CineMovie the second half of season 6 will be the darkest of all the seasons. Cohan spoke in code when speaking about the new episodes saying "it gets worse before it gets better" and then it gets even more harrowing.

When we last left the survivors of "The Walking Dead," the wall had come down, letting all the zombies into their safe zone. Maggie (Cohan) is pregnant and trapped, but her beloved Glenn is close but will he be able to save her?  We hope so. They can't off a pregnant woman or can they? 

Lauren Cohan can also currently be seen in the horror film, THE BOY.

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