SEX TAPE Movie Review: A Case of TMI

SEX TAPE’s plot is simple. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz play Jay and Annie, a married couple whose sex life has been non-existent since they had children. To spice up their relationship the two shoot a porn movie on his iPad. Instead of erasing it, Jay inadvertingly syncs it up with all the iPads he has given away as gifts to relatives and friends. Now Jay and Annie must get it back and they get into all sorts of trouble and hilarious situations.

SEX TAPE certainly pushes the boundaries with nudes scenes between Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. Cameron Diaz bares her bod plenty of times, but we’re used to seeing that kind of nudity from females on screen. With shows like “Game of Thrones” and other cable series, it’s becoming common place to see male nudity specifically their behinds. SEX TAPE takes it a step further with Jason Segel. We first saw Segel’s swinging private parts in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and in SEX TAPE we get his backside up close and way too personal. Purely speaking as a female, I don’t think it would’ve mattered even if it was Brad Pitt in the role, there are just some body parts you don’t want to see on a giant 30 foot screen. And all I could think of was the poor camera guy who had to get up close and personal to Segel’s backside. Luckily there are only two scenes where you might want to cover your eyes unless you’re into that.  


SEX TAPE certainly had its funny moments, and Diaz and Segel make a great comedy duo, but the gag wears off pretty quickly. There are plenty of funny jokes about the internet and technology. They get into some hilarious situations, but it doesn’t really go anywhere from there. Jay and Annie don’t grow as a couple throughout their crazy adventures until the very end when there is a lesson to be had but it doesn’t come naturally. It would have been fun to see real issues come out of the relationship which could’ve been underlying reason for their lack of intimacy, and not just the fact that they were too tired to have sex.

Rob Lowe as always comes in and steals the show. It’s hilarious to see Lowe in this movie whose own leaked sex tape got him into trouble during his Brat Pack days in the 80s. In SEX TAPE, he plays Hank, a straight-laced CEO of a company looking to buy Annie’s mommy blog. Later in the story, Annie and Jay pay Hank a visit to his home in order to steal his iPad which was a gift from Annie. Hank’s true colors start to show which leads to some of the most hilarious scenes in the movie. It leaves you wanting more from the talented actor.  

Sex Tape Movie  Rob Lowe

The two actors are brave for putting themselves out there like that, and I could only imagine the awkward shoot days. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are equally funny and one doesn’t outshine the other. That’s rare in a movie because men typically have stronger roles while the woman stands on the sidelines, but that’s not the case in SEX TAPE.

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