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'Child's Play' 2019 Movie Review

Does this CHILD'S PLAY reboot need to be recalled? Watch our Drive Time review.

Chucky has been resurrected in a CHILD'S PLAY reboot as an AI doll who learns bad behavior from adults and teenagers. CHILD'S PLAY stars Aubrey Plaza as the single mom who brings home the Buddi doll for her young shy son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman). Mark Hamill voices Chucky.

'Child's Play' Star Aubrey Plaza On Having Her Old New Kids On The Block Dolls Come To Life

While the new concept of Chucky is a good one, the film fails to pick what genre it wants to be. Relative newcomer Lars Klevberg directs with a weak script by Tyler Burton Smith. In the original, the Buddy doll is possessed by a homicidal maniac names Charles but he goes by Chucky. In the reboot, the AI doll announces his name will be Chucky with no bases for the name. That's lazy writing.  Most of the issues with the movie can also be attributed to not thinking things through like why Chucky sounds like an adult when the factory voice should be a young child, if the toy is targeted at very young aged children. Watch the video above for more about this film.   

CHILD'S PLAY is now playing in movie theaters.


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