Marvel's The Defenders Screen First Full Episode at San Diego Comic Con & New Trailer

Loeb brought out fan favorites Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Coulter, Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Elodie Young, Deborah Ann Woll and new to the series Sigourney Weaver as the superheroes' new nemesis.

The cast, series writer Marco Ramirez and Loeb revealed a few things about the new Netflix show. Elodie Young's Elektra returns and the actress says she will be suffering from amnesia so she won't remember her past with Matt Murdock. Jones' also reveals she doesn't play well with others so she'll be making fun of Daredevil's suit which we see in the trailer. Ramirez also says the show will stay grounded, and the team will not have a fancy headquarters like the Avengers because these superheroes keep it real and grounded, but these outsiders will initially have issues with working against a common enemy have trouble working together as they usually work alone.

Other news from the panel includes DAREDEVIL Season 3 has been greenlit and so has IRON FIST Season 2. JESSICA JONES Season 2 is currently shooting in New York City.

As for the first episode screened at the Hall H panel, THE DEFENDERS season premiere spends its' time catching up with the four heroes, and we see Elektra come into the picture fighting for the wrong side.

The Netflix original series launches globally on August 18, 2017.

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